Smart Collect

As a merchant, you can collect payment in a smart manner from your customers. You no need to worry about solutions.

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Credit card processing solution

With credit cards, you can get instant payment from clients. Credit cards offer a secure solution to your payment when clients transfer the funds from their gateway to yours.

Debit card processing amenity

Debit card processing works in the same way as credit card processing. Our debit cards processing aids the merchants to process their payment without hassle. The only difference is while offering payment; clients use a bank to deliver the debit card. Once approval is acknowledged, funds are routed to your industry bank account promptly.

Net Banking solution

Instamerchantpay offers internet banking solutions to merchants. Once set-up, your squad will be mastering the online channel with an instinctive user interface as well as an absolute host of dealings and capabilities. The solution lets you address both industry and operational strategy in a straightforward manner. With this way-out, we have assured it is easy to include new stuff, alter menus, and segment views for the client.

E-Wallets way-out

The e-Wallets assist you to send and receive funds. It is a restrictive tool that makes users send cash at any moment. You can connect to several people as you can transfer money to a pal or a business associate’s account. It is instant and safe within 24 hours. You can make purchases that make you deposit funds at any moment.


Unified Payments Interface or (UPI) is a procedure that powers diverse bank accounts into a single mobile app (of any associate bank), merging numerous banking types, unified fund routing & merchant pay-outs into one cover. It also provides the “Peer to Peer” collect appeal which can be listed and paid as according to requirement and suitability.

Virtual Accounts

Virtual accounts are extremely flexible and so adaptable to your capital strategy. Streamlining multifaceted physical bank account arrangements, information reporting besides accounting is work critical to lean capital teams tasked with doing extra with less. Corporates face lively market situations and unfolding monitoring forces.