Instamerchantpay- Settlement Guide

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Settlement Guide

Instamerchantpay offers settlement guides to merchants which he can receive funds paid by their end operators for specific stuff. There are several units involved in the settlement procedure. A thorough procedure is described below;

  • The cardholder inputs their bank account or card info on the Instamerchantpay Checkout form so as to pay for stuff.
  • After successful approval through OTP/3D secure, the fund is deducted from the cardholder’s account and consent is sent to the cardholder.
  • The transaction fund is routed through the card system to Instamerchantpay‘s acquiring banking associates.
  • Once Instamerchantpay receives the fund it is settled via your bank account after fees are debited.

  • How to check settlements in the bank account statement?

    Each settlement consists of a Unique Transaction Reference or (UTR) number offered by our banking associates. You can get this number once you download Settlement Reports via the Reports segment. This is an exceptional reference number obtainable through banks, which can be employed to track a specific settlement in your account.