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Instamerchantpay offers various amenities if you are seeking solutions. With our services, you can create a good transaction. You can look for credit card processing, wallets, and many other amenities. You can avail an effective solution through our services. You can accept payments within a short time and avail enormous revenue.

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Credit Card Processing

You can get a Credit Card Processing solution through Instamerchantpay. With credit cards, you can look for a better payment from customers. You can seek local and international clients for your webpage without a hassle. With credit cards, there is awesome transaction and you can look for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Union Pay and several more. The credit card gives a complete solution to your business and if you are seeking awesome transaction. The clients from all over the world find safe to transfer the funds to the client’s web.

Debit card processing

With debit card processing, you can lower the prices by removing terminated role and restructuring processing. Instamerchantpay debit processing amenities let you associate to main EFT networks; manage expiration cycles, disputes and several more. Our debit card offers speedy payments to the merchants and they can reach their goal.


E-Wallets the online payment processing that refers to an electronic tool or online service. It refers to an electronic method that customers can practice making automated transactions. Users can securely store their bank information and card details in the e-wallet system. Additionally, they can also fund their wallet account and use that money for payment transactions. E-wallets are useful for online purchases as well as for approval. They can store absolute including documents, transaction record, and personal info. Besides, it can be employed with other handsets.

Net banking

Net banking is the ground-breaking phase for the banking business. Any tasks such as passbook printing, cash removal, Demand draft groundwork, cheque-book claims, etc. can be performed effortlessly via SBI net banking.

Payment Gateway solutions

We offer payment gateway solutions to merchants on your website and mobile application. Learn more We offer diverse multi-currencies for enhancing your business. With multiple currency options, you can look for international business.

Easy Customization

Design to match your website. Modify the Payments page and change it accordingly that suits your website. Upload your product logo and change the color system to make a certain branded an all-in-one experience for your clientele. This lets you preview your Payment Page as you are making changes to it.

Shopping Cart Plugins

Instamerchantpay is the most considered payment gateway for numerous shopping carts, with more and more incorporation. We also have developed Instamerchantpay integration API for the third party shopping carts. There are several carts which are in use.