Instamerchantpay - Registration and Security

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Registration and Security

You may be needed to register with Instamerchantpay and choose a password besides user name that is Company User ID and for such purposes; you will be registered as a User.

He must be a seller or a buyer. If you are accessing the amenities via a third party site or amenity, Company may need your Company User ID that must be same as your user name for third-party site or service. You shall offer the Company with actual, complete and upload your registration info and you shall be accountable for all the activities that happen under your Company User ID. The info offered by you when you avail the service on the webpage is dependent on Privacy norms of the corporation. The company has the right to store, evaluate, assess, and authenticate the info and data offered by the User. You are needed to fill your data accurately and fill up the info for placing an order for stuff.

The Registered User must be required to offer KYC info or details to the Corporation, such as electronic duplicates of evidence, address proof as well as any other such file authorized under the rules. It shall be uploaded via the User in soft copy form at the time of registration and/or provided to the Company as and when needed. The Company has the sole right to activate or deactivate your account on the Website, upon getting the registration info offered by the User, upon inspecting the accuracy of the details offered. For the purpose of KYC and Corporation records, the firm has the right to go for the self-attested duplicates of the pamphlets, as submitted during the registration procedure.