Payment Gateway solutions

As a service provider, we look after the needs of our merchants. You can get safe solutions for enhancing your business.

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Get instant set-up and contentment

With our techniques, you can set-up your payment page easily and accept the amount in a constant manner. We have a wide range of techniques for the merchants.

Hassle-free pay-outs you avail

With our procedures, you can get hassle-free pay-outs from your customer’s side. We have several alternatives for clients.

A wonderful experience through Instamerchantpay

With Instamerchantpay, you can make gateway simple while you make your pay-outs easy. You can join us and get satisfaction through our online payment experience.
We take care of your pay-outs

Instamerchantpay offer stress-free pay-outs to customers

You can make your payments easy and hasten the business with our solutions. You can manage every trait of your banking procedure.
We help the merchants to emphasis on developing great stuff while we work on making your pay-outs simple. Besides, we offer plugins for all the major bases, integrate and conducive for your progress.