Instamerchantpay offers a way-out to e-commerce merchants and you can classify them on the basis of products or amenities that you sell in the marketplace.

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API incorporation process

This API coordinates your standard with your webpage and lets your info such as orders, conveyance, client statistics pass through.
Instamerchantpay provides an API that matches data and this lets your business preparations and applications interconnect. If suppose API amalgamation is not available within an application, which can be shared with numerous systems then it is likely to group import or else export that is the weighty facts within Comma Separated Value or (CSV) folders.
Instamerchantpay API lets the grave information regarding orders, shipping, purchaser data pass through. Our API will serve all your curiosity on the functioning and its prominence for your business.

SSL integration way-out

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer – It is a process in the form of a certificate that can be related to any held domain to improve the refuge of your website. In the short-term, SSL is attached to the presenting server besides ciphers' infrastructures. At a progressive level, SSL certificates comprise organizational proof and range, to offer the supreme level of definiteness for your website's traffic flow.
To use SSL, you must have a domain. The domain host offers a greater key, recognized as a CSR or (Certificate Signing Request), which is merged within the SSL certification to authorize the precise domain and procedure. The SSL credential is then set-up into the presenting server, routinely updating and preserving the related domain.
SSL is frequently used with business or e-commerce sites, mainly where safe info (such as credit card info) being substituted. SSL is still unpaid for minor or private websites, and there are initial levels (that are AlphaSSL) perfect for these basic needs.

Virtual Terminal integration

A virtual terminal is supposed to be a software application for merchants which lets them accept pay-outs with a payment card, particularly a credit card. Here the physical existence of the card is not required. It is also known as card, not present transaction.
The virtual terminal is useful to the merchants. With this, you can accept credit cards in virtually any place. You can use your tablet, laptop to run your virtual terminal wherever there is internet access.
You can move your business quickly
It is simple to establish online credit card processing with no software needed. No coding and no extra tool required.