Instamerchantpay offers a way-out to e-commerce merchants and you can classify them on the basis of products or amenities that you sell in the marketplace.

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Stores that sell physical material

These are sellers who have clothing stores, gift shops, and others. Stores that sell stuff such as glass case that is the objects online allow shoppers to augment the things they like.

Services accepted online

Amenities can also be acknowledged and sold online. eCommerce includes online advisors, coaches, and freelancers who are usually the ones that contribute.
The buying process for facilities depends on the industry. Some of them may let you buy the products immediately from their website. People who wish to purchase must order online before the seller offers the services.
There are some of the services providers that you need you to contact first to choose your wants.

Digital goods online

Ecommerce is highly digital in nature so it is not amazing that several businesses sell electronic things online. Common types of digital stuff comprise of ebooks, software, online courses, visuals, and virtual goods.