Instamerchantpay - Dynamic Event Notification

Instamerchantpay allows you to list URLs for countless events that happen in your account.

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New Promotions feature

Instamerchantpay offers new features to the merchants. We offer new sort of facility to the merchants related to their business development. We have recently made huge progress in the eCommerce business website and thus offered a solution to the business to enhance their business.

Online businesses need supporting tools for their business and thus go for a secure payment gateway without hesitation. With our new Promotion features that make the customers view all the promotions at a glance at the time of payment. This can assist you to immediately and easily select from the list of offers. Then complete the payment by choosing the chosen bank from this Promotion Listing.

You can simply choose the category; in addition, offer the offer information to go live with the novel promotions on your webpage. If you desire to offer BIN-based advertisings, then select the payment choice, choose the name of the bank or card and access the BIN numbers for which they are applicable. You can achieve your online publicities effectively and securely with the Instamerchantpay solution.

Instamerchantpay has the exceptional ability to provide the full range of Internet payment choices such as the main Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Cash Cards, and mobile payments.