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Chargeback Guide

  • All the main card networks print their rules for the industry�s review and usage. As said, there can be considerable differences amid plans; therefore, you must know the requirements of each system to assure superb practices are taken seriously.
  • Maintaining compliance via the chargeback procedure is a difficult task particularly understanding that the rules can change at any moment. You have two actual alternatives:
  • Appoint an in-house chargeback manager whose main responsibility is to keep the update of the recent trends, rules and chargeback actions.
  • Outsource to an expert

  • Use our know-how to provide your squad with the information and power to pull through lost profits. Instamerchantpay�s self-service solution benefits you to be successful.

  • Log in to one website-based portal to handle all your disagreements
  • Make the best use of your chargeback win level
  • Prioritizes differences so cases don�t perish or get ignored
  • Supports disagreements with Visa, AMEX, and Discover, etc.
  • No development obligatory
  • Keeps compliance with card association directions
  • Spontaneous reporting wallet./li>
  • On-screen skilled guidance for top responses each time